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He was born on July 7, 1935 and has started his movie career under his mother studio, Sampaguita.

He was introduced in a Rogelio dela Rosa-Carmen Rosales film, Iyung-Iyo. He also appeared in Kulang Sa Pito, the first starring role of Susan Roces, together with comedy king Dolphy and Norma Vales. He also starred in SeƱorita de Kampanila and Prince Charming, a Ric Rodrigo-Gloria Romero film which also introduced Amalia Fuentes (Miss No. 1 winner) and Juancho Gutierrez (Mr. No 1 winner). In Gilda, he starred with Lolita Rodriguez whom he will eventually marry. He was a contract star of Sampaguita Pictures Inc. of the Vera Perez clan. He also played a secret agent in Clandestine and Hammerhead.

He married another popular actress during their time, Lolita Rodriguez whom he divorced later.

Arenas died on MArch 31, 2003 according to her youngest sister. Lolita Rodriguez now is living in United States

2002 Mahal kita: Final answer! (2002)
2001 Pagdating ng panahon (2001)

1999 Hindi pa tapos ang laban (1999)
1992 Eddie Tagalog: Pulis Makati (1992)
1991 Small en terrible (1991)
... aka Small But Terrible (Philippines: English title)
1990 Alyas Baby Face (1990)

1989 Killer vs. Ninjas (1989)
1988 Buy One, Take One (1988)
1985 Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng bukas (1985)
... aka Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng umaga (Philippines: English title)

1968 Escape to Mindanao (1968) (TV) .... Capt. Aquino
1960 Beatnik (1960)
1959 Tanikalang apoy
1958 Kundiman ng puso
1958 -Tatang Edyer [Sampaguita]
1957 Busabos (1957)
1956 -Gilda [Sampaguita]
1956 -Kulang sa 7 [Sampaguita]
1956 Gilda (1956)
1956 Prince Charming (1956)
1956 Senyorita de kampanilya (1956)
1956 Teresa (1956)
1956 -Prince Charming [Sampaguita]
1956 -Kontra-Partido [Sampaguita]
1955 -Ang Tangi kong Pag-ibig [Sampaguita]
1955 Iyong-iyo (1955)
1955 -Lola Sinderella [Sampaguita]
1955 -Artista [Sampaguita]
1955 -Bulaklak sa Parang [Sampaguita]
1955 -Balisong [Sampaguita]
1955 -Waldas [Sampaguita]
1955 -Iyung-Iyo [Sampaguita]
1955 -Hindi Basta-Basta [Sampaguita]
1953 -Diwani [Sampaguita]

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corito said...

I just want to make a correction on your posting - Eddie Arenas was born in July 7, 1935 not 1930 as posted. Also he passed away in March 31, 2003. I know these for a fact because I am his youngest sister. Thank you.

cathcy said...

Thank you Corito for the information.